Aluminum window frames

Integrated aluminum systems for small and large architectural constructions. The systems include doors, windows, facades, patios, shutters, and aluminum rails.

Special structures

Special constructions are including a complete installation of special aluminum industrial profiles as well as accessories.

External coverage systems

External coverage systems for commercial or industrial buildings, with bonded aluminum sheets or sun protection systems for shading and control of natural lighting as well as curtain walling.

Systems for internal use

Study and design of indoor domestic or professional partitions, with aluminum and glass systems. Choice of a large collection of interior and exterior doors as well as integrated aluminum rail systems

Green Buildings

Aluminum window frames contribute to energy saving because they have increased thermal insulation properties, helping to consume as little electricity, oil and air-conditioning as possible. Using heat-shrinkable aluminum frames in a home, decreases the heat loss by 1/3, while using a simple aluminum frame the reduction is 1/5.

It is possible to achieve up to 30% reduction in energy needs for heating, simply by … changing windows.
The choices that ALUSOT offers you in thermo-insulating frames fully meet your every needs by providing certified solutions, while at the same time the products you receive are CE marked.


The building sector has a high energy-saving potential due to the fact that the majority of the building stock was built before 1980. With the introduction of the necessary legislative framework and in conjunction with energy-saving programs for residential buildings and local authorities, public buildings, schools, an intensive policy to improve energy efficiency and the gradual transition to a more efficient and environmentally friendly national energy system is outlined.

In order to promote policies for improving energy efficiency in buildings, energy saving programs for the period 2014-2020, such as the EXOIKONOMISI KAT’OIKON “Program II, are co-financed by EU funds. At the same time, it is aimed the use of all available sources of funding to increase the available funds so that residential and public buildings can be energetically upgraded as much as possible.