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The successful course of Alusot… 

Georgios Sotiriadis – founder of ALUSOT I & M Sotiriadis & Co OE – has been in the metal construction industry since 1964 and especially in the aluminum industry since the mid-1970s.

He started his professional activity in a space of 300 m². Seeing that the aluminum industry was rapidly developing, company was converted in 1988 into a general partnership under the name G. Sotiriadis & Co.

Company was established in the market thanks to good quality and as a result company moved to a 540 m², at the 28th km of Thessaloniki – Moudania. Using its dynamics in the aluminum industry, the company, in addition with the construction of window frames, extended to the construction of curtain walling and aluminum composite panels (alucobond etc.) in a multitude of projects throughout Greece.

Since the end of 1997 the company has been renamed “ALUSOT” G. Sotiriadis & Co. and later after the retirement of George Sotiriadis in “ALUSOT” I & M Sotiriadis & Co. Since the beginning of 2011 the company has been converted into SA. Today, the company’s headquarters are in Lakkoma, Chalkidiki, in a privately-owned space of 5300 m². of which 1200 m² are sheltered.

Since mid-2000, the company has installed and implemented a quality assurance system for the production and installation of aluminum frames and curtain walls according to EN ISO 9002: 1994

Alusot creates the right living conditions with main concern the man

Creates the right living conditions


Alusot is known for its quality and consistency, covering a wide range of clientele (from private to technical companies). It collaborates with companies that build residential buildings, offices, luxury villas, banks (a published timetable is strictly followed).

Its great know-how permits company to accomplish works with increased demands.

Such examples are the Noesis Technology Science Center & Museum of Technology, Lidl’s stores (alucobond coverings), the ABB office building, etc. as well as large constructions in Germany, England, India, Albania and Cyprus.


Construction quality and consistency are the two main features of ALUSOT
On this basis:

a) The company employs permanent workers with technical experience in the field of aluminum.
b) It has an organized production line with modern machines of high precision.
c) It has an organized section of window frames and curtain walls , as well as a sector with exterior coverings of facades , consisted of permanent staff.
(d) It has an organized computer department to support production line



Alusot has a unique ability to work not only with construction companies but also with a multitude of individuals. With its dynamic presence as well as its strong experienced staff, it can recognize and fully meet the needs of each customer providing productive and reliable solutions.
The company offers a wide range of aluminum products. A meeting with the company is enough to create the basis for a strong cooperation.